1. Images of Tacloban, Philippines: Before and After Typhoon Haiyan

    Typhoon Haiyan caused widespread destruction in parts of the Philippines when it tore through on Friday. One of the hardest-hit areas was the city of Tacloban and its more than 220,000 residents. “Virtually all of the structures, if they were not made out of concrete or steel, are gone,” a top U.S. military commander said.

    These satellite images from Google and DigitalGlobe show how Tacloban and the Anibong district looked in February 2012 and then two days after Haiyan made landfall.

    Top: Tacloban City

    A view of part of the urban port city of Tacloban. Boats, buildings and trees featured in the 2012 image are wiped out in the second image, taken Sunday. Some 2,000 people are thought to have perished in Tacloban.

    Bottom: Anibong

    In the Anibong district of Tacloban, roads, docks and homes along the coastline have been demolished by the typhoon. 

    Source: Google and DigitalGlobe

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